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This world of things, there are a few people can say it? Belts Online Store was the director of the Planning Bureau. In 1992, when Lin Yat-sen graduated from college, Belts Online Store personally went to Replica Designer Belts Planning Bureau. In the Planning Bureau Belts Online Store also very much Replica Designer Belts, intended to Replica Designer Belts as a focus on training the object, Replica Designer Belts also live up to the Planning Technology Division did not take long to become the technical backbone of Corrie, many other people can not solve the technical problems to Replica Designer Belts here to understand. People enough to boast Fan a good vision, to the Planning Bureau selected a piece of gold back.

Belts Online Store did not say anything, but people can see, Replica Designer Belts as long as the exercise for two years, Belts Online Store will certainly be entrusted with his task.But there are unexpected circumstances, no one who thought, Belts Online Store only forty-five six years old, is in an official's golden age, even suddenly a stroke. After the rescue, Belts Online Store's life is to keep, but the fall of a hemiplegia problems, life can not take care of themselves, how can continue to preside over the work of the Planning Bureau?

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